Neon Corp

Neon Corp is the corporation behind the massive arcology called Neon Chrome. Only corporate historians and fanboys know that Neon Corp started as a game development company in the 2020s. After a series of massively popular virtual worlds and then global virtual systems the company spread into all areas of human life. Even though Neon Corp headquarters are on Earth today they are also active in Mars and on other colonies.



ARMOCORE is known for advanced military hardware and it started as a small high tech weapons manufacturer in Switzerland. After some massive breakthroughs with smart sniper bullets it went from arming small countries to arming megacorporations.

One of the latest developments is the birth of ARMOCORE MakerBoz. The MakerBoz can upgrade any ARMOCORE approved firearm to a better version in a few seconds. This will cost only a service fee and material fee – uncless the MakerDEATH has been hacked.



CryoNix is paving the way in live human hibernation. Today there are over 2000 humans en route to stars in CryoNix sleeping caskets. Since their departure the technology went mainstream and many people started “napping” in order to wake up in a better – or at least different – future.

CryoNix stock went down recently as a glitch in their entry level sleeping casks basically allowed hacking the people sleeping in them. CryoNix is scrambling to remedy the issue.



CyberHance is known for making cybernetics mainstream and lowering their installation costs dramatically. In the past the installation of cybernetics required a skilled professional and an expensive clinic. Today the skilled professional is not needed as the CyberHance Express station can fit most cybernetics without human intervention. Most medical doctors do not like CyberHance at all.

CyberHance also makes an immersion device called Totality which enables the user to experience almost anything that can be translated into the Totality input/output specification. The experience is undistinguishable from reality.